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From the enchanting Fermano hills in the Marche region, home of egg pasta specialties, the pasta maker passionately creates a strong bond between this wonderful land and your table.

Pasta Di Mauro is a true art that has been handed down from generation to generation, created with the desire to make pasta like it once was.

Our master pastaio’s experience scrupulously combines ancient tradition with innovative modern techniques, making our production unique.

After a careful selection of the best first extraction durum wheat semolina and fresh free-range eggs, the slow processing of the dough and the low temperature extrusion, followed by the sheeting of the dough, and therefore the cut.

The pasta is then manually spread on frames for drying. The drying that precedes packaging is the part that allows to maintain all the quality of the first phases of work. It takes place slowly and at low temperatures, around 40°, for between 20 to 35 hours.


The history of the Pastaio

In order to talk about our pasta, the passion passed down by our tradition cannot be ignored. What better way to do it, if not through the words of the Pastaio:

“Being a pasta maker is not my job, but my passion. I believe that every man, in order to have a future, must deeply know his own history. Thinking of my childhood memories, I see my grandmother preparing tagliatelle, “homemade” on Sundays or for important occasions.

Once the dough was ready, I was enchanted watching her roll out the sheet. The last part of the process was the cutting, rigorously by hand and fast, so much so that I couldn’t believe how she did not cut herself. With great satisfaction, she then spread the noodles on the kitchen tablecloth.

Today, I can say that my pasta has undoubtedly inherited all the characteristics of the sheet that my grandmother used to prepare, since my way of kneading gives the dough a consistency that allows you to relive those flavors of the past.

The origin of pasta

The characteristics of our high quality craftsmanship link both egg pasta and durum wheat semolina, combining health, taste and all the tradition of the Marche region art of pasta making.

  • Migliori semole di grano duro italiano
    Selection of the best Italian durum wheat semolina

    The cultivation of wheat and its grinding takes place strictly in Italy. The high quality of the proteins and the uniform granulometry allow the durum wheat semolina to develop its organoleptic characteristics to the maximum.

  • Uova fresche categoria A da galline allevate a terra
    We use 35% fresh category A eggs from free- range hens

    For our egg pasta, we use eggs from hens fed with vegetable feed, without the addition of synthetic dyes.

  • Lavorazione dell’impasto
    Processing the dough

    The mixing, or imbibition, of the egg in the dough envelops every grain of our semolina in a capillary way, keeping its excellent properties and characteristics intact.

  • Estrusione con trafile al bronzo a temperatura controllata
    Extrusion with bronze dies at controlled temperature

    This process gives the pasta a natural roughness, ideal for the correct absorption of the condiments.

  • Essiccazione a basse temperature
    Drying at low temperatures

    Natural drying at low temperature preserves the important nutritional and protein properties of durum wheat.

How to cook Pasta Di Mauro

Cooking pasta correctly is not that difficult, however, it is necessary to respect some fundamental guidelines.

The pot must be taller than its diameter to hold a sufficient amount of water. We recommend 5 liters per 250 grams of dry pasta. To ensure that it is “al dente,” it is necessary to add salt only at the moment when the water is boiling, with about 20 grams of coarse salt. The boil will fade slightly and once the water has resumed boiling profusely, it is time to add the pasta. At this point, all that remains is to wait for the time indicated on the package. It is important to respect it to ensure that the pasta retains its organoleptic properties and excellent digestibility. Pasta Di Mauro tends to absorb sauces a lot, because its bronze-extruded craftsmanship gives the pasta a natural porosity that is ideal for this purpose. Enjoy your meal!

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