The Story of the Pasta Maker

If you want to talk about our pasta you inevitably have to pass through the passion that comes from history. The pasta maker tells:
“Making pasta is not my job but my passion”, I think that every man needs to know deeply is history to have a future. Thinking about my childhood, I see my grandmother Filomena kneading homemade tagliatelle, usually on Sunday or important occasions. I see her kneanding flour and eggs with passion.

She explained to my mother and my aunts how the dough had to be blended by adding the eggs time after time and waiting for the eggs to dry inside the dough. Once the dough was ready i was amazed to see my grandmother rolling it out. The last part of the workmanship was the cute, strictly handmade.
She was so fast I couldn’t believe she didn’t cut herself. Once tagliatelle were cut, she spread them on the table.

Wisdom and time were the keys that let us have this unique product. Today, I can certain affirm that my pasta has all my grandmother’s puff pastry characteristics. Because only in this way you can have the pasta as it was made before.